Thursday, August 1, 2013

Jamie's Italian

Singaporeans must really have a reputation of being foodies, seeing how Singapore is one of the 6 countries where he's opened one of his restaurants, and the only Asian one at that.

Anyway, it opened recently and my very-excited dad brought the family down to celebrate my graduation. I really liked how my Wild Mushroom Ravioli wasn't as cheesy as those I've had elsewhere, and the brownie had an almost-creamy smooth texture that I've never come across. 

Pictured above are the smashed pea and broad bean bruschetta (not on the Singapore menu, but was served as a 'special'), and the baked salmon (Mum raved about the salad in particular).

It's located at Vivo City, #01-165-167 (beside the Starbucks). Go on down, the prices won't kill, and the service and food are awesome! :)

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