Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Just read this post by Rhonda Mason, and loved every tip. It shares how she keeps PL stress-free, and  is something I will go back to read more than once. Everyone who does PL can definitely relate to this. My favourite was this:

4) Don’t stress about nailing your ‘style.’ ...I don’t think it’s realistic to develop a ‘perfect’ style and expect it to always remain the same. Your style will change as you change, as you learn different techniques and as your photography style changes. ...my style a year ago was a true reflection of me at the time. In fact, I like the fact that my pages looked different back then – it makes me feel all the more nostalgic for that period in my life and our family’s life. I’m sure that in a year’s time, my style will be different to what it looks like now, and that’s good too.

As a bonus, she also shares her spreads from weeks 11-13, and they are absolutely gorgeous. Go on, hop on over!

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