Friday, January 31, 2014

Project Life: January

I'm starting a new album for 2014 after using the same one for 2012 and 2013, so I'm pretty excited about having spreads to put in the new album! Here are some spreads for January!

This year, I'll be doing spreads monthly as opposed to weekly because since I've started working, I've found it hard to keep up with the weekly system. My job is shift work based, and I often work on weekends, so a monthly system would be much easier than a weekly one.

This is one of the spreads from my annual Christmas party with my best friends. Yep, we had our Christmas party on the 3rd of Jan because of schedule clashes, but I'm so glad we had one anyway, right before one of my friends flew off to Hong Kong!

This PL card is from the midnight kit. The pattern didn't suit the spread, and I wanted a more Christmas-y feel to the spread, so I used some Studio Calico Magical papers and covered the patterned bits. I might do this again because I really like the effect and it gives me an opportunity to use my patterned papers! :)

I traded some Jade Edition cards with my friend's Blush edition (so glad to have friends who do PL) and I really love the cards in the Blush kit! They're really fun and I love the swirly font on the cards :)

I also don't normally slant my photos, but really liked how the slanted photos look in this spread :)

Thanks for dropping by!

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