Friday, January 4, 2013

Christmas cards 2012

Making Christmas cards is my biggest crafty project every year. This year I made 33, my biggest number yet, thanks to my Cameo, which has cost a bomb to maintain, but has also made life slightly easier for me.

I was pretty behind time this year. On Christmas day I was still writing cards, and I thought "no, this isn't right". So this year I've got to figure out a workflow/process that will enable me to be more efficient.

Here are some of them (I forgot to photograph some of them before I sent them out! :( ):
Special card for the best friend because she loves owls

 Done using Cameo sketch pens for the bottom border, mists for the ground, and Cameo cut outs. I also used American Crafts POW Glitter paper for the holly which works amazingly well with the Cameo ^_^ And, they come in the most gorgeous colours!

Also used the gold American Crafts Glitter paper here :)

This was a design I bought from the Silhouette store. It's one of the Nine Ladies Dancing in the song Twelve Days of Christmas. I changed the colours so I could use the AC glitter paper :)
 I also made a Ten Lords a Leaping card, but forgot to take a photo of that :(

This was the back of most cards. I am often at a loss when it comes to filling in the back. This time I stamped two images using the Amy Tangerine date stamp and another stamp from I-don't-know-where.

Last December I figured out how to mod podge and happily glittered several cards ^_^ I'm so happy to have finally used all the glitter I bought!

These were made using only the Cameo sketch pens. If you're keen on getting them, here's my two cents worth:

Silver: the best of the lot and works wonderfully on black and dark/navy blue. 
Gold: it's is a yellow gold and doesn't really stand out on white cardstock. 
Bronze: looks great on white and cream/vanilla cardstock.
White: doesn't really stand out on black paper, I used it for one card only.

Hope that helped and thanks for dropping by! ~


  1. i bought some of the sketch pens but have yet to try! thanks for the tips.