Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My approach to Project Life

I usually tend to jump right into projects, but I've realised that leads to lots of frustration and sometimes, regret, so before I start on Project Life, here're some thoughts on how I plan to do it:

1. Cut out shapes in advance

2. Pre-make journalling cards 

I'm not sure how much I'll rely on the cards in the core kit (I got it as a gift :) ) and I like making things anyway. Will probably be using my scraps, cameo, watercolour paints, stamps, mists, and embossing powders* for this!

I'm trying to avoid buying kits (even though they're so tempting!) and try to use up my scraps. I think PL will be a great way to put my stash to good use! ^_^

* My super awesome ballet classmate Christine got me a heat gun for Christmas! Which is why I can now use embossing techniques for my PL ^_^

3. Fortnightly / Monthly / Event spreads
I've read that PL offers flexibility and versatility in documenting the everyday, so I'm going to make full use of that :p
  • Event spreads are for important things like birthdays (when I actually remember to bring my camera), graduation (I might be graduating this year), and festivals etc
  • Monthly spreads will be for crazy busy periods 
  • Fortnightly spreads for the rest of the year because I have an obsession with chronology.

4. Organise photos by week and event
Here's how it looks like:

5. Constantly source for inspiration when I'm feeling lazy
I have a feeling I'll have to do number 5 a lot :p Some PLifers whose spreads I really like are Liz Tamanaha, Leena Loh, Natalia Bun, and Geralyn Sy.

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  1. i feel like doing PL too but the thought of doing something for a year is so intriguing ;)