Saturday, January 12, 2013

Theme for this Year

Before my first PL spread goes up, I just want to talk about my theme for my PL this year- Recognising and Honouring God's work in my Life. This theme was suggested by the friend who bought me the kit and album for my twenty-first birthday last year, and I think it aligns with my idea of making my PL a sort of Gratitude Journal (inspired by another friend, Ser).

This means I will document His blessings either in journalling or pictures as well as my gratitude for them, and Bible verses that strike a chord in me. I do this in a bid to remember that "life is a beautiful thing", even when times are tough, or when devastating things happen and also, to remember that God should be at the center of everything I do.

Will be posting my first ever PL spread soon! I'm doing it up now and am enjoying every moment of it! :)

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