Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Elis' birthday card

This card was lifted off this one I found on pinterest. I hand cut the envelope because I was too lazy to bring the cameo out. Elis thought it was a sticker! Not bad for someone with poor scissors skills. 

I used some paper from Lucky Charm, embossed and stamped the words, and applied some silver glitter at the bottom to make the card sparkle ^_^

The back of the card! I realised most people only take pictures of their card front :( The back and the interiors are important to me as well, because it completes the cards, so you can look forward to back-of-the-card photos on my blog :)

Elis also blogs at cupcakesnprettypaper.tumblr.com! She's lovely, so drop by and say hello! :)

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